Anyone who reads this go to a gym regularly ? It seems that everyday I go once I have been back home for about 30 minutes I get this constant buzz to do things, move about, use more energy. It’s as if using all the energy at the gym results in even more being released. Odd. I wondered about the Steam Room today . . . but then a brief thought crossed my mind that maybe there was some sort of ‘bloke etiquette’ that needed to be followed and even though there either is not or I will instinctively understand it, that thought would not go away, so I passed.
1000m Rowing. 4:06:1 Plan: crack 4 minutes then move up to level 6 or 7

5 thoughts on “Buzzing

  1. Definitely endorphins. And adrenalin. And natural body happy drug thingys 🙂 However – If you settle into a routine of doing it, the effect does lessen somewhat….. After a really good session I tend to feel a happy calmness for a while…..I guess I’ve worked out any excess energy by then 🙂

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