School Dinners

“Education Secretary Ruth Kelly said she took action on “day one” of the job, as she pledged cash for kitchens and to enforce minimum nutritional standards.”
Liar. As a Catholic you do know that you going to HELL for lying don’t you ? Or will you publish the full minutes of every meeting to try and prove this ?

“Quite frankly I don’t see how Greenwich ever thought they could do it on 37 pence”
Because that’s all the money they had, and as a Govt Minister, do not even pretend to not know how these things are worked out. Your opportunism is shameful.

“Our commitment today is that a third Labour term will make additional resources available to rebuild and build new kitchens and dining areas.” Well I hope that you are NOT in power for a third term, but the schools do not want prettier kitchens or some shiny formica, they want CASH. Not inspectors, not retrained dinner ladies, not more cooks – CASH. And the statement I just quoted about additional resources ? You could fulfil that by delivering a tin of beans to each school.

Ministerial fashion tip #1 – Eyebrows. Trim them.

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