How I got blocked

Due to that idiot stealing my images / text / whatever, I decided to change all my passwords. I am pretty clueless about any sort of scripting issues, but better safe eh ? Yea.. right. Changing them is easy enough, and again they are all random 16 character passwords and I started inserting them into various files. Then I fired up Thunderbird. Big Mistake.
When you set up an email account, TB asks for the password and then, if you tick the password manager box, it does not ask you again. As my email account pw HAD changed, I expected TB to prompt me – I am certain it has done this before. But it didn’t. So at that point, my browser is open on my site to check an alteration, the ftp is grabbing the files and TB keeps asking for my mail. Right then, the server at United Hosting decides that it is being subjected to the DOS attack to end all attacks and blocks me by IP. All because TB did not ask for the new pw. There is a fault in how TB handles this I think, but there is a huge error with how the host does their job. Did they send an email to the Reseller ? No. Did they send an email to me ? No. Did they check the logs and see if the blocked IP had accessed them before ? No. Are they a bunch of incompetent fools ? Oh yes.
Anyway ….. because I was only partway through the changes, and had changed over only one database password (I think there are 7) the site just went all broken-like. Thankfully, my reseller is a wonderful person and it is now sorted and there should be no errors – hopefully.

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2 thoughts on “How I got blocked

  1. All my immature laughing aside that is really insane. Glad it’s sorted out, though.

    As for Thunerbird, I noticed the problem once before when I changed the password to one of my domain emails but didn’t update my laptop. For almost an entire day I kept getting that error message that my password was rejected or whatever it says when it isn’t able to connect to the server. Whatever the wording of the error, it didn’t trigger my brain to check my password until hours later when I remembered I’d changed it.

    What I think is ironic is Firefox isn’t that dense with passwords it remembers, if it doesn’t work, it makes you reimput it. Go figure.

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