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  1. That sort of thing really has no point… and it’s stupid and rude and idiotic and…. How’d you find this out? I mean, if my site was rip-worthy at all, I’d like to know…

    He’ll see your message soon as he’s probably copying off your messages at regular intervals (or something).

    But I agree. The lowlife b-word 🙂

  2. Blogger is now IP banned at 66. level so that will stop any direct linking.
    As for finding out, Joss literally phoned me and said “Guess what….”

    Couple of points:
    – the image headlines is not showing up.
    – the Firefox button is IE only.

  3. So we may a new site name then Mark, like, What makes you unhappy?

    It’s not the same guy who stole our site too is it? Maybe he is collecting websites or something very strange like that 🙂

    Sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing but hey – you have to admit – it’s a strange one ….


  4. All your links go to Forbidden, including the comments.
    External links are still active.

    You try writing to this guy and asking what’s what, Mark?
    If for no other reason, it’s an honest question.

    I’d be curious to see any conversation
    which arose from such an endeavor.

    Father Luke

  5. What I mean about the links, Mark, is that they show a ” Forbiden ” when I try and conect from his site.

    In other words, I cannot access the comments from his (Blogger’s) server.

    The links aren’t technically broken. More correctly they have been denied from Blogger’s server. That was all I meant.

  6. fucking asswipe.
    fucking asswipe!
    So many questions. When someone decides to do something like this, doesn’t it even remotely occur to them that if the site is worth stealing (for whatever twisted reason) that the person behind it may likely be a bad choice to mess with in this kind of context. gad. But then maybe the kind of person you’d have to be dealing with isn’t going to be playing with a full deck in one sense or another.

    After reading Jennifer’s comment, I have to do this, and I’ll tell you that I’m so sorry ahead of time. But as far as disgusting images go, I found the king of the heap last year. I regretfully clicked on a link, and to be honest, in order to copy it here I actually went to the page where I found it, poined my mouse at the link text, *covered my screen with a piece of paper* and clicked the mouse. (hastily copied the address from above and very hastily hit the back button) So really, don’t click it. If you’re eating, sensitive, or want to have a nice day, don’t click it. But if you want a disgusting image, well, uh…

  7. My eyes! My eyes! STEVEN HARRISON YOU ARE GOING TO HELL! I have never heard of tubgirl so I followed the link. It’s before ten on a Sunday morning, I’m tired, I’m thinking about breakfast, now I can’t get that image out of my head, you git!

  8. You know… a mean person would probably do a bit more than simply blocking his URL…
    I mean, the page is calling your css file and other stuff… replacing it by a personal message (using mod_rewrite to look at the referrer, so you don’t even need to change anything) could be kinda fun 😀

    But I’m sure you’re not a mean person, now are you 😎

  9. Ooohh… some nice suggestions which I’d not thought of last night ! (Steve – i think Claire could be right though 😉 )

    Right now, all images that reside here are blocked. In relation to text they are expensive, and later on I’ll have another look at referers / mod rewrite (I’ve just had a go but it didn’t work – possible lack of coffee there). I’ll also post the code that I end up using.

  10. what the hell?

    I’ve had people steal the odd image from me, and I know others who’ve had stylesheets pinched, but stealing an entire site and not even changing any links or even trying to hide the fact that you’re stealing another person’s work? That’s just stupid. Really weird and stupid.

  11. Weird indeed. I wonder what his motivation is (apart from total stupidity). It’s not like he’s plastered it with google ads to make money or anything, just a straight copy.

    Just one of the worlds many oddities I guess.

  12. I take it this was why I got 403s yesterday (as even though I have a dynamic IP it always begins with 66).

    How’s this going? I had something very similar happen with a site I created for a friend, someone came along, ripped all the code and all the graphics and posted them sans my copyright and very nicely hotlinked every image. But what was so funny is that EVERY image was broken because I had hotlinking blocked, but the person still to this very day still has all those images up getting 403ed. It annoys me so much because while it’s not a lot of bandwidth, it still is expending some. I’ve emailed the person as have several other people, but they just refuse to do anything about it. I’ve given up.

  13. Mark goes like this: “…shameful thing those parent have taught.”

    LOL !
    Agreed. The young’un deserves good examples.
    I still would be curious to see what the guy had to say for himself
    if asked. Curious, Mark.

    I mean, I used to deconstruct HTML to see how the writer got to where they are at.

    Oh. I see… they did this, or they did that, and got this or that effect and desired result…

    But to just cut and paste…
    I am left with a curiosity as to the Why

    Okay for now,
    Father Luke

  14. Since his blog very clearly states that all the content is copyrighted by Mark, why not just send Google (or Blogspot, or whomever) a notice of infringement and ask that the site be taken down immediately before further steps must be taken to protect your copyright?

  15. Well.

    This whole thing has come to an interesting turn.


    The point isn’t that some guy took Mark’s web – although it surely the fuck is.
    What has happened is the interesting way in which Google has approached the whole matter. Lots to be said here about Google’s lack of involvement in this.

    You see? This is a factor in why I moved away from Blogger, and to the fantastic, and friendly community of WordPress.

  16. Now that IS curious .. and note: He is NOT allowing anonymous comments.
    So, as I already have a blogger account which I want to stay hidden, later I shall create a new account on blogger, comment on his blog and then play .. purely for amusement of course 😉

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