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Looking at the logs, the f*ckwit who set that up did so very recently it would seem. I’ve plonked some code around the place to deal with it and anything similar, and I ought to make it more of a habit to visit sites like Technorati too. What’s annoying is that in this case, it’s theft for the sake of it. It’s not like they are nicking one bit, they were wholesale taking code – why ? What exactly was the point ? Twat.

Blogger. HUGE blog provider. But getting a complaint to Google ? Not easy.

Here’s an idea ! Go get a free blog from blogger, install the necessary code to steal your own site, then use more code to work out how to block it. You gain because your site just got safer, and Blogger think they are attracting users too. (And you’ll also get to see how incredibly slow Blogger still is, how many “Document contains no data” errors that appear and also just how easily Blogger loses complete posts when it throws up after you click the Publish button.)

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  1. I found wordpress because I was on blogger. . .
    after I had been using a dead usenet group as
    my personal blog space for years. I literally hijacked
    a dead usenet group and began bloging there uninterupted for years.

    Other than working out the logistics for blocking
    hot linking from Blogger, I wouldn’t ever, no not ever,
    go back to Blogger.

    WordPress Rocks on so many levels.

    WordPress is to Personal Web Publishing
    what Linux is to Operating systems.

    Father Luke

  2. I found WordPress when Movable Type shifted to a paid-for model. Tried Greymatter in between but am loving WordPress so far.

    Anyway, that blogspot site is still up and running with full images and everything, just in case you didn’t know.

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