Grass. What is the point ?*

When we bought our house, J and I had an agreement. I would take care of the inside of the home, she had the outside. I have never and will never see the point in gardening at any level – and that includes mowing the grass – why the hell do we grow it ? Anyway, events turning out as they have mean that it’s now down to me to do the outside, so I’ve just done the first mow of the year.
Always the worst to do, but as it hadn’t rained for a few days I dragged the mower into action, was mildly surprised that it worked, and now I have legs the lower parts of which are tinted green.
I don’t find gardens relaxing (it’s noisy outside, insects), pleasant (no power points – hence long extension) or in any way therapeutic. Concrete painted green (or some other colours maybe ) would do me just fine.
During my nurse training, I worked a placement at a group home. One day the Home Leader asked me to help with the other staff and clients in the garden. He pointed me at a very wide and long area of border and asked me to pull out all the weeds. Some time later he told me that I should stick to in-house duties as I had removed everything green – how was I to know ? After all, isn’t a weed simply a plant in the wrong place ?

Maybe I need to buy a goat. I wonder if they can be hired ?

*And the other sort of grass ? I wouldn’t know, me being pure and untainted 😉

3 thoughts on “Grass. What is the point ?*

  1. As it happens Mark You, me and a lot more were all doing the first cut of the season. Like you I am no gardener, but I do like to keep it looking neat.Trouble with the first cut is that it requires ever more frequent cuts there after. I really think your attempts at the group home were deliberate hahahahh, but it worked for you.
    As for the other sort of grass ? Well if i had some i know for sure the other wouldn’t get cut! Me being untainted and pure like. Anyway I don’t smoke anymore 🙁

    How come you spell checker works every time ???????

  2. I hate and detest gardening, and not just because I have hay fever either. I just don’t like it, and gardens do not like me either. I do like to spend time just being at one with nature, but I can kill a plant within 50 paces just by looking at it. Green fingered I am not.

    Just as well we don’t have a garden, more of a yard that’s been covered over with concrete. That was a good selling point when we bought our house. 😀

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