Half term again..

Started the day feeling fine, and got wiped out by a wierd headache / general crapness mid-afternoon. Wierd.
I’ve restarted the drafting of a “How do I ….. database” document. I seem to have done almost nothing but database stuff recently so I know that I have the majority of answers, but putting them down in a coherent manner is another thing. It’s also tricky as it’s not the sort of thing I can just chuck at someone and say “Look at that and tell me if it works” as there are still variables in there. Still, answers I do have and something written I will produce. In the meantime, if you are having any WP database troubles, don’t stress too much – email me 🙂

Xbox is sitting in a dismantled heap just in front of me. This tremor I have is incredibly annoying – more so because I wasn’t aware of it as I have no usual reason to exercise such fine motor movement. Must remember to mention it to the doc.

Currently listening to: Jem: Finally Woken. I like.

Girls are off school again ! Two weeks of additional oestrogen in the household air. It’s not good for a bloke !
Little note from last night: D made a new layout for her neopets page, and it’s done with css and floats. Nothing technical, but it was her idea, I described a few bits and she did it, hosting images on her own domain. She logs out, then back in a few hours later. She has a stack of messages from other kids (I presume) all asking for a cool layout, images, scrolling messages, text areas etc etc and offering lots of whatever passes for money on neo-world and various creatures and other doodads. Being the canny lass she is, she fires off replies “Am I hosting your images or are you ……..”

Random fact: This is post #1234

5 thoughts on “Half term again..

  1. Oiy, My net is all funky – took forever to load your site.

    I like Root’s idea – a book for a layout. Maybe I should consider that. Hehe. I think that’s awesome she shares in that with you – I wish my dad enjoyed more of the same computer-y things I do. (Though it is because of him that I know all I know about webpage design, but not for the reasons you’d think – it’s a long, albeit humorous story.)

    I gotta stop leaving comments on blogs before coffee, I swear I make zero sense even to me.

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