106 miles to Chicago

Actually, it’s 106 days since I quit smoking. (Blogs are handy for looking up dates like that aren’t they ?). Do I miss it ? No and yes. No in that although I (we) seem to have no more money, what I have not spent on nicotine has meant I can spend money on other – better – things. But yes in that sometimes I still get an urge to light up. It’s odd because I know I don’t want to, and that it’ll make me smell like an ashtray over again, but still it comes and goes. Gum. I chew a lot of gum.

And I’m hoping that my xbox modchip turns up today, at least I stand a chance of getting a decent game for the damn thing then, even if I do have to go to arcade classics and emulations.
UPDATE: The AladdinXT requires fine soldering skills which my hand tremors prohibit. I need to find someone else to do it. Bugger.

5 thoughts on “106 miles to Chicago

  1. 106 days Mark, way to go. 31 for me but getting there. I do get the odd craving but i can handle it and just say to my self don’t be silly. Thats all it takes. Gum, not for me ta.

    Did You get my api that I emailed Mark ?

  2. Let me shake your hand Mr. Markie.

    I would love to quit smoking. A pack a day here is about $3.50… that adds up over a year. I keep telling myself to quit smoking and save up for a huge trip or something.

    Everytime I try to quit, it stresses me out and makes me want to smoke.

    One day.

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