Hollywood sues the Telco’s ?

So NTL and BT are increasing line speeds even more – News Report – but why ?
I’m on a 512/256 and if I went to a 1meg line, I don’t think I’d notice the xhtml flying in any quicker – would you ? Ah say others, it’s so we can enjoy this multimedia experience. Bollocks. Is it hell. When are the studios going to sue the likes of NTL / BT ? After all, without their tool the piracy levels would not be where they are would they ? Ah you say, that’s just stupid – what we do with it is not up to them, they are merely providing a service. There is a point there, but gun manufacturers have been sued have they not ? What and who just is NOT sueable these days ?
Look at the speed noted in that report – 18 megabits per second. For your average user – or even your above-average user – just what IS the point of such speeds ?

Said it before: ADSL – find crap. Faster.

6 thoughts on “Hollywood sues the Telco’s ?

  1. I’ve just been bumped up to 2.2meg and really don’t care. I listen to Irish radio online but I could do that fine before. Probably from the same school of thought that sells cars that have top speeds of 180mph when the speed imit is 70…

    Bandwidth directly proportional to virility? Or carrying on the motoring metaphor – inversely proportional 🙂

    More likely marketing their services at the two biggest groups:

    1. The male geeks that *do* fall into the motoring analogy above…and probably like neon on their boxes 😉

    2. The clueless user who would equate speed with ‘better’.

  2. They are racking up the speed but have capped the monthly limits, so now you can use up your allowance faster too 😉
    Personally I would like them to still offer the 256/512 lines for slightly-more-than-dialup rates (but then again I am a cheapskate).

  3. We aint capping; but we aint upgrading you free of charge neither as far as I can tell…

    I use all the lovely bandwidth for fecking around with my web servers, and downloading maps for my gps – if my server wasn’t on a 600kps pipe then it’d take a hell of a lot longer to net-install, and I want it running NOW DAMNIT.

    Also, watching the streaming video of industrial crushing machines at work today was a satisfying break in the monotony of “helping” the “users” of this adsl thingumy wotsit.
    I understand that the computergame things go a bit faster as well….

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