Dad screws up. Badly.

It was the “Meet the teachers” afternoon at D’s college today (she’s 14). As the first appt was a while after school finished, we arranged to meet D outside the college then she could show us around. Get to the college, meet up and start to walk toward the main doors. As we are moving very close to the entrance, I ask D when the last appt was. “Science at 3:50pm, we have to wait for half an hour for that one” she says. “Oh” say I, “Pity it wasn’t french, we could have skipped it”. At that point, the woman right in front of me as we are going in through the doors looks straight at me. And I mean LOOKS*. As we get inside, I mention this to D – she is instantly horrified as that woman was the Head of the french dept. Oh dear … I’m in the doghouse already.

The first appt was with the Humanities teacher … didn’t have a Humanities teacher when I was at school. D was NOT impressed when I mentioned that I hated Religious Education at school and used to truant those days.

Another appt was with the Art teacher …. I asked what I thought was a straightforward question “How can you mark Art ? All I ever see is the likes of Brian Sewell on the TV spouting twaddle.” Despite the daggers from D, the teacher did explain the marking criteria, and very sound it is too.

I wonder if I will be invited to the next lot of “Meet the Teacher” ?

*I swear her head spun 180° while she moved forward.

13 thoughts on “Dad screws up. Badly.

  1. Hehe, the above is why I wanted to go to school in California – far, far away from the parental units. I instead opted for about an hour away – close enough to beg for help (read: money) and far away not to run into them in passing. 🙂

  2. All “modern language” teachers are nutters! It was once said by a jolly wise man that:
    “Two languages? In one head?!…. It can’t be done!”

    If you have no sense of humour you should get out of whatever profession/life choice/or just *life* you’re in completely.

    If you’d been my dad… um… I’d have grow up even stranger?

  3. I think it must be Mark, I’ve lived in and have relatives all over the country and never heard of a 14yr old going to college. Unless it’s some posh private type school maybe. 🙂

    And Sujatin is right, it’s your job to embarress your kids!

  4. Most secondary schools are now called colleges, especially if they have been in “special measures” It’s a bit of a re branding exercise. So my sons school, formally Adwick School is now know as North Doncaster Technical College.

    An as Sujatin says. it’s our job as parents to embarrass our kids, and i can do that exceedingly well:wink:

  5. Heheh, that was good – I seem to remember my Dad being the same, “What’s the point in art”, “No point in welsh either, you can’t get a job with welsh language unless you want to work for S4C. (the tv channel)”

    And don’t even get me started on history…

  6. It’s a damn important question to ask – how do you mark the subject? Your kids are going to be assessed and evaluated and as parents you need to know what the criteria is. If they can’t tell you then you need to ask why.

    These days the kids should have a close handle on the assessment criteria. That way they know what they are aiming at and how to reach it.

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