Scam ?

J was given a courtesy car when hers was offroad. Her car was delivered back around 3pm today, so she rang the hire company to tell them to have their ‘Vauxhall whatever’ back. 5pm comes, no-one has arrived. 7pm comes, no-one has arrived. 8pm and a telephone call.
“Leave the keys to the car under your front-door mat and we’ll pick the car up later”
That’s J’s insurance they’ll be wanting to play with when this little scam goes down is it ? It’s now 23:42 as I write this and there has been no knock at the door, nothing. Seriously, is that any way at all for a hire company to be acting ? After all, if you need to get a car, you need 2 employees – one to drive the other one here and I can’t see them paying – or even needing to pay – their staff at this time of night, can you ? I shall ring in the morning and enquire.

UPDATE #1: About 00:30, someone knocked on the front door. A minute later, they banged on the front door. Idiots …. and I’d just got to that stage where I was dropping off to sleep as well. And the key ? That was inside all the time – it still is.

3 thoughts on “Scam ?

  1. My husband recently had a van from a hire company (for an IT contract he was doing). When the time came to hand the van back, he gave them a call to arrange a time to pick the van up. They agreed to come and collect it the next day.

    To our amazement, two weeks later they finally arrived to collect the van…

  2. While I was at uni in Bristol my housemate had a job collecting and delivering rental cars, he did it very late at night too. I’m not sure why, maybe they could get away with paying him not much as he was a student, maybe it’s easier to deliver the cars when the traffic’s all asleep.

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