In the courtesy car which J has – some Vauxhall modelorother – it has what is proclaimed as “Climate Control”. Yet despite me looking, I am unable to find the button for “Rain”. That’s not climate control really then IS IT ?

In the CO-OP shop near us, it clear states that you need to be 18+ to buy alcohol. That’s fine, but why are they also saying that if they think you are under 21 and you have no ID, they will sell you nothing ? Why the 3 years difference ?

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  1. They had this at the shop I worked at.
    If you think someone is under 21, chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell if they are too young to actually buy the booze. So if you think someone looks under 21, you need to ask them for ID to prove they are over 18.

    It’s a buffer zone for people who can’t tell how old people are.
    Stops people like me who try to judge if people are over 18, and get it wrong. I put a girl in hospital because I sold her booze at 15, because she looked “about 18”. If someone had asked “Is she 21?” I’d have said “probably not” and would have asked for ID.

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