my-hacks.php RIP

Today I took the last file out of the ‘hacks’ directory and erased the my-hacks.php The advent of ‘posts read’ as a plugin was the clincher, as the day counters just needed the comment code to be pluginised. So I’m a file less.. .. that file has been with me since I started with WP. ‘Tis a sad day 🙁

In other news …. the sidebar has been jiggled. The top ten posts read is now there (and I have no clue that ninininin would be #1), I’ve broken the lists up with a couple of images (another one to find at least), my del.ici.ous feed is there but that doesn’t change hugely, and right now there is an (incorrectly displayed) feed from and if I can’t fix it then it goes. Of course all this is subject to immediate change at any time.

And that’s all you are getting here ……….

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