To: Paul @ Nissan Leicester

Hi Paul,
We’ve not met, but you talked to my wife today.
You work at Nissan in Leicester don’t you ? That’ll be the Nissan that used to be the Sturgess Car Showrooms. Anyway, my wife rang you today – do you remember ? The call went something like this:

“Hello, this is Paul at Nissan Leicester”
“Hi, this is Mrs *****, and my Nissan car which you said was fixed has just broken down in town and I’m stuck in the middle of the road. It’s a Nissan car, it’s a motability car, you said you’ve fixed it and it’s broken down. Help me”
What’s your registration Mrs ***** ?
What ? I don’t know .. what are you going to do …. (finds registration and gives the info)
Let me check the registration.
…………… ………… …………….. ………………. …………….
Hello ? I cannot get out of this car. You told me it was fixed. It is not. Hello ?
You have a motability car. Ring Green Flag, you have Green Flag.
I don’t have their number, what is it ? Do you have it ? What am I meant to do ??
I will ring Green Flag. Tell them to bring your car to us.

Paul ….. did you do any sort of “Customer care” course ? or was that the day you weren’t allowed out on day release ? Why did you not say things like:
“I am sorry”
“Are you safe ?”
“Are you hurt ?”
“I will send someone straight away and we’ll sort the details later”
Look at that last line there Paul. That’s how you do Customer Care. Or maybe Nissan UK do actually tell their people that the first thing to do is find out who will foot the bill and sod any concerns for the person or people involved. At no time did you express ANY concern for someone who by virtue of the car she was driving you knew to be disabled. Why ? Nissan UK don’t care ? or is that just you Paul ?
Either way Paul, I’m emailing and telephoning Nissan ( Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, The Rivers Office Park, Denham Way, Maple Cross, Rickmansworth, WD3 9YS. Tel:01923 899 334 ) to find out why you are actually employed, why they do not sack you, and why they are completely unable to fix a car which has cutout and stopped three times now in busy traffic.

Nissan Customer Care ? Bollocks.

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