Gym regime #1

The moving stuff:

  1. Treadmill. Random, level 8, start speed 6.7, 15 minutes. Repeated once
  2. Rower. 1000m, level 5, timed
  3. Cross-Trainer. Random, level 8, 15 minutes

Variously positioned. 15 reps, 2 sets each:

  1. 77Kg. Lower Back extension
  2. 35Kg. Lat pulldown, Leg Curl, Abdominal
  3. 28Kg. Chest Press, Seated Row, Leg extension
  4. 21Kg. Pec fly
  5. 20Kg. Arm Extension
  6. 15Kg. Arm Curl, Shoulder Press
  7. 10Kg. Lat Raise
  8. No assist. Thera Crunch

+ 15 minutes bike ride there and back.
I need to get my left shoulder checked out as it’s responsible for a lot of the weakness, and also up the weights – I’m not feeling it like I expect to.

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