Bored of the layout again

Completely unrelated to the previous entry, I’m bored of this layout. I’m bored of the 2 col layout again (forgive me … it’s a phase, I’ll get over it) so later and assuming all stays well here (/me crosses fingers) I’ll switch to a 3 col that I found after trawling the forums. As for how I do it … could be live, could be properly. No idea. You’ll realise if you visit though 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bored of the layout again

  1. Why not blow everyone away and come up with the first 4 column, dynamic updating colums theme? No header, no footer, just 4 radical columns.

    You could make one column the post, one for nav, one for a footer of sorts, and one a vertical header. Base it all dynamically so that the columns resize (% value) and lengths match longest or shortest pages.

    Or, have it snake like a newspaper:
    | | | |
    | /| /| /|
    | / | / | / |
    | / | / | / |
    | / | / | / |

    How about that?

    Or flash it.
    Or java dynamic?
    Or maybe white leters on a white background?
    Or 404 it?:)

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