Being a girl

Yesterday, in a conversation with someone online, I was asked if I was a man or a woman. This has happened a few times recently …..
Someone commenting here said that it was natural to assume I am a woman because there is a phrase below the header that says ” © Claire “. Now if that is a reason, there must be a lot of Eminem’s, Descartes and various other prominent people around who write blogs (even from the dead). Other people – I assume – are going by the colours of the layout. The lady who asked me yesterday said she assumed I was a woman as men who gave tech advice were not as patient as I had been – which was a compliment (thanks Linda !). It doesn’t bother me at all what sex you think I am, but isn’t it odd how people get to their conclusions ……… but then maybe there are blogs I read which are written by people of the opposite sex to what I think.

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