3 thoughts on “Code Indentation

  1. Bad day Mark??? “)

    I can see the problem with that, but it does help when the code is so f*cked up that you can’t make heads or tails of it. Oh yeah, validate the damn thing before you release it.. I don’t have the time to track down sloppy mistakes.14 open tags and 32 closed tags, classes that don’t exist, and no error checking sucks.

    And never code before the second cup of coffee.

  2. It was a theme (which will remain unnamed) and the code indentation was not aiding anything, it was positively hindering any level of understanding.

    Solved by dumping complete files into Notepad++ and stripping tabs.

    As a non-coder, tabs help in about 1/100 times. Every other time I like NO indentation at all, with line spaces differentiating between code areas. That also makes for smaller files ……we aren’t talking about screwing around with core file here, hell no. I’m talking about index.php which had more tabs than characters. Stoooopid.

    And yes, it drove me NUTS ! 🙂

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