Playing with Sodium

Ages ago – before Root went walkies – I mentioned here that I was having a lot of leg cramps. Root’s suggestion was bananas and others suggested dehydration. The initial cause of that was very probably a combination of diet and medication. As a result, I cut out all added salt on and in my food. Didn’t touch that salt cellar at all, and the desire to sprinkle a few crystals was surprisingly strong at times. Anyway, that was then and all has been well. But then I start going to the gym …
I’m not pushing my legs that much and most of the leg stuff is just this ‘cardio-vascular’ stuff (treadmill, rowing, x-trainer) but of all the muscles that are being used, it’s my calves that, well they don’t hurt, they just seem to cramp a touch .. notice it when stretching. Initially I put it down to the exercise, but in the past couple of days I’ve realised that it is actually the salt issue returning. I’m drinking lots, but I’m not replacing the sodium, and my body needs that stuff, it really does. So I can’t think of another way except to play with what I’m taking in ….. I’ll try and make my own isotonic drinks to take but I’ve a feeling that until I get it right I’ll be the one with leg cramps and headaches again. Bit of a bugger is that. And why do I think that when it gets hot I’ll have to balance it all out yet again ? (The good news is that I did the first 250m on the rower in 1:00 flat and the 1000m in 4:17).

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  1. I remember years ago seeing a recipe for a home made isotonic drink. IIRC it was 1 litre of fruit juice, 2 litres of water and a pinch of salt. I may have overestimated the water but I’m sure if you do a search you’ll fond the right ingredients.

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