9 thoughts on “Opinions

  1. Root – every blog and his dog seems to want to use curves curves curves and while it may be a funky addition to the toolbox, like anything it is best used in moderation. I reckon that given the way they are being used wholesale across the blogosphere, moderation is not possible. Let the wave pass and normality will return.

    Steve – Yea…….odd eh ? And what’s odder is that we seem to want to cater for them. Why ????

  2. Some people might cater for them, not me. My blog is made on my computer, tested on my computer, and looks alright on my computer. If it looks shit at 800×600, tough. Get a bigger monitor. Breaks in IE/opera/obscure web browser nobodys ever heard of, tough. Use firefox. Works fine in that.

  3. Hrmmm, actually you could say that due to the fact that most blogs are css powered, they’re too boxey. Take a look around you, you’ll find that the majority of the blogs out there are in general set squares.

    I’ve got nothing against square design but options are always nice to hace. The trick is to do it in a clever way, so that it doesn’t look too much.

  4. Believe me, I would love to trade in my 800×600 laptop for something a little more current, but funds will not allow it. Occasionally I get tired of horizontal scrollbars being inflicted on me, but I suppose that’s just my punishment for being poor. There will always be people who like to lord it over the technologically disadvantaged (see also users on dial-up v. every Flash-based site ever).

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