Another parental milestone

Tonight, D has gone out to do her first baby-sitting job. Awwwww………. she’s growing up is my little girl. It’s things like this that make me realise that her world is broadening, that she is becoming more confident, more self-reliant – all those little steps that are slowly but surely preparing her for the day she leaves home and ventures out to wherever she chooses.
It’s just strange because there’s my little girl who is looking after someone else’s little kids (she’s been telling me off recently because she tells me I’m giving her “Daddy looks” – those looks where I’m amazed, proud, fiercely protective and a mix of many other good emotions that I couldn’t define if I had all day) and this is one of those days that I guess all girls get to – earning their first cash. I suppose the next stage is when she says yes to babysitting but then arranges for a boyfriend to call round too …… Hmm….. I’ll see about that one

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