Nope, nothing to do with the program, but it’s a different way of saying “Round-up”.

The little scrote who I mentioned a couple of entries further down is being prosecuted by the Police. He has previously had orders against him and although any conditions associated with them have lapsed, this latest behaviour is being viewed very dimly so up in court he will go. Damn good thing too.

I purchased Feeddemon earlier and although I’ve got all my feeds imported I’ve yet to dig around and see what’s what. But this program, combined with the indispensable PubSub allows me to soak up all the info I want to.

Gym. Talked to one of the guys down there today as I’ve a small problem with my left shoulder which means two machines cause me some issues and also because I don’t seem to pushing my upper body as much as I want to. I think it’s a case of repeating sets or upping the reps rather than increasing the weights. It’s really cool at the gym though, and my next goal is to do 1000m on the rower (level 5) in 4:15:00 or less. For that I need to knock 10 seconds off what I can do now. No small order ! And I have fallen in love with the cross-trainer – fantastic piece of kit.

And tomorrow is being spent online meticulously constructing a blog for someone and I can’t tell you any more than that .. even if I wanted to 😉

Lastly – go check this superb photograph of a fly.

3 thoughts on “Rawhide

  1. Man, I sooooo love my feeddemon. It’s the ONLY feeder for me. Been using it since last December. Great program.

    K, now check this girl. I changed my site, and it’s wack. Tell me what u think.

    K, now on to something else. I’m trying to do this: http://www.krisandapril.us/wp-admin/import-blogger.php

    Here is where I’m at now: http://krisandaprilphotos.blogspot.com/2005/03/this-is-what-im-working-on-right-now.html

    1. I don’t know where my word press directory is. I mean, I don’t know if it’s public_html where I changed my layout or what. Or maybe it’s my phpAdmin area.

    I mean, when I go to my phpAdmin area, and I browse it, I can see my comments, etc. all there. The thing is, is that if it is where I need to link it, I don’t know the url. Ugh.

    Thanks for the help Mark.

  2. I’m interested in how are you using FeedDemon and PubSub to “soak up all the info I want to”. Are you using it for just general feed reading or do you use it to track comments too, and why is everyone so ga-ga over PubSub? I’ve yet to figure that one out.

  3. Owen – I have a number of watches set up with PubSub so that if for instance my site is mentioned, it gets flagged. It also scans for health stuff I watch, local news sites and more. I found PubSub invaluable when the 1.5 upgrade happened as I set a watch just for that and was able to zoom in on blogs to see what was being said about the guide, about the upgrade overall. Damn useful !
    And Feeddemon ? News reading mainly, some tech sites, web standards stuff, lots and lots of info – I like info 🙂

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