Online naming of a child ?

Yet again, I rang the local constabulary, and yet again a constable has been round to take details.
A little shit (aged 11) has been racially abusing a couple of my youngest daughter’s friends, threatening my daughter, “showing off” the knife he carries, throwing items at them and also aiming some particularly cruel taunts at her regarding her mum. If I got my hands on the fuckwit, I’d hit him for this stuff – it is far far far from the first time this has happened, and my calling the police was because of the new powers which they not only have, but they also use effectively around here. If there was any mileage in complaining to his mother I would do that, but from many others I have heard that she isn’t so much the sharpest knife in the block as the block itself (or even the wood from which it was hewn).

So, given that this future occupant of HMP is not yet 16 and has no right of redress, should I name him ?

3 thoughts on “Online naming of a child ?

  1. Criminal age of responsibility is 10 in England and Wales.

    “The age at which you can be legally tried for an offense in a court. In England and Wales the age of criminal responsibility is 10”.

    Mark the fact is you have already named him by giving details to the police. However I think you may mean naming him publicly? My advice would be very careful. Best approach is to let the Police deal with it. Give a statement if you already have not.

    If he keeps returning and doing the same, get the police in again. Let them do the work.

  2. i think you just answered your own question. he might be a little shit, but to be fair he’s just a kid… He needs to be taught a lesson, but naming him on your website is out of order. It’s not your place to do so… just my 2p… bri x

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