A vacant breakfast

According to the BBC, Natasha Kaplinsky has been named newscaster of the year. Given that her major on-screen home is BBC Breakfast, that award is rather telling is it not ?
I love news, I soak it up constantly. If it’s not news sites then it’s News24 or (if pushed) Sky News, but when that Natasha woman is on Breakfast ? Good grief, I’d rather watch the History Channel.
For me, she is just vacuous. An airhead, bimbo, gushing whatever. ANNOYING. She gives more of a damn about looking pretty than she does trying to get the best out of an interviewee.
A feature page on that site looks at what happens to BBC people who cross the line with regard to shows:
“Some cringe when they see Andrew Marr or Jeremy Vine donning fishnet tights or punk garb for the now seemingly obligatory newsroom turn for Children In Need.”
“a whole chorus line of BBC journalists has taken part from Fiona Bruce to Michael Buerk.”
“stretching back to those Christmas Morecambe & Wise Shows when Michael Aspel, David Dimbleby, Peter Woods and Richard Whitmore were shown cartwheeling across the screen in sailor suits”
The difference is though that all the above are intelligent. Do I think less of Andrew Marr presenting the politics ? No. Did I think John Sergeant was hilarious on HIGNFY ? Yes. Do such programs allow us to see that bit more of the people who we watch daily ? Yes – but in the case of the Kaplinsky, there IS NO MORE.

Isn’t the BBC meant to be pursuing an alternate course now ? One that involves doing a better job, not a populist job ? If so, I’d like it if they lost the (apparent) eye candy. Sack her.

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