Cat gets the horn

Biking to the gym earlier, I was trundling along a path beside a wide and relatively busy road. It’s one of those roads that is a fairly major route out of the city and if it were just a few feet wider it would be a dual carriageway. Anyway, I’m rolling along minding my own business when a cat made it’s appearance.
It was about 20 feet ahead and it had decided that it’s future lay on the other side of what I think is a wide road. It must have looked enormous to this cat. (It was ginger. Not that the colour matters, but just in case you were wondering). So this ginger blur enters my vision on the right, crosses the path I’m on and heads, at a whacking pace, straight across the road. What struck me as odd was that a car which was coming toward us (I say us just to illustrate perspective. Unless it veered madly, I was safe. Potentially the cat was to be a notch on it’s bumper) sounded it’s horn.
Why ?
Let’s work through some scenarios:

  • Driver sounds horn to make cat get out of the way. I think this is wrong simply because the cat is extremely busy getting the hell out of the way as it is.
  • Driver sounds horn to make cat return to where it came from. No. For that to happen, the cat would have to slow, do a full about turn then accelerate back up to full speed. Given that the driver would only see a slowing cat and whack his horn (is that a euphemism ?), this reason gets thrown out.
  • Driver sounds horn for something to do. My money is on this so far.
  • Driver sounds horn to scare cat. Hmm… cat is terrified and has committed totally anyway, hence his speed. Yet driver sounds horn, sees cat continuing onwards and this action – which was happening anyway – confirms to the driver the validity of his action.

I’m going with the “something to do”. Completely pointless action.

This reminds me – I don’t know why – of when the girls were smaller. They were playing out (we lived in cul-de-sac) and someone else on the street came knocking at the door. I opened it to be greeted by this woman saying “I’ve just missed your daughters twice on the road” to which I responded “But why were you aiming at them ?” (J told me off for saying that 🙂 )

Back to the cat…………. does it say in the Highway Code that you have to sound your horn at animals ? Not that it actually matters because if you wanted to be pedantic, it does not say that you cannot run people over. It doesn’t you know ! Admittedly it does not give permission (or any indication of the points value – and cats would score highly on that wouldn’t they ? So you’d be daft to use a horn …. better have a bowl and some fresh felix attached to the bull-bars) but if we live in a world where a packet of peanuts says on it “CAUTION: May contain Nuts” then surely the Highway Code ought to list some specifics about not running others over, or smashing into them….. No ?

Car drivers. You lot are a strange bunch.

5 thoughts on “Cat gets the horn

  1. Car drivers tend sound their horn because it works to warn dogs, they just stop or go faster.
    Cats tend to be more… stupid in the road. It’s normal to see a cat that WALKS across a full traffic road without any sign of distress or worry and if a car is coming toward it, the cat just looks at the car without taking any measure to get the hell out of there. Sometimes they are blinded by the car lights, but normally they are just plain stupid at the road.

    (I’m a cat lover but I have to accept the fact that cats are not made for traffic)

  2. This reminds me for some reason of an interaction I had at an old job. A woman came into work and said “I just saw a bumper sticker that said, ‘horn broken, watch for finger’ – it made me think of you.”

    Why, I wondered, would it make her think of me?

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