More school memories

Only because I can’t shake them out of my head any other way:

  1. I used to eat the skin off the custard
  2. I used to help forge dinner tickets
  3. I hated RE
  4. I spent a year doing Home Economics for a laugh
  5. In same class, there was a dare to swallow a raw egg. I couldn’t do it.
  6. I regularly had scraps in the school playground and when older, outside school.
  7. Truant ? Me ? Hell yes
  8. My first memory of school is putting my hand up to answer a question so quick the pen came out of my hand and struck the blackboard near the teacher
  9. At that same school, I had my first kiss – she was called Helen 🙂
  10. The school after that, I was introduced to the new class by having to stand in front of everyone. I hated that. (I can recall it like it happened this morning. Ack.)
  11. I did the taped narration for a whole school ceremony which ‘celebrated’ the UK joining the ‘Common Market’ (Note: I have since seen the light on this).
  12. I was never in the “in” crowd
  13. Favourite lesson: Biology

9 thoughts on “More school memories

  1. 1. skin off custard mmmmmmmm
    2. Used to sell my free dinner tickets for ciggies
    3. So did I and still do.
    4. I was very good at home economics, it needs to make a come back.
    5. Raw egg oh please no gip. Only for throwing.
    6. Scraps usually meant me being bullied. Until i fought back.
    7. Truant ?:smile: Oh yes me too. Some of my best memories are when AWOL
    8. As a wee Scots laddie with strong accent I was shunned.
    9. I often had to stand in front of everyone, Not saying why mind.:grin:
    10.I was in the school swimming team.
    11.I did a sponsored swim and did 7 miles in total in a 25 mtr pool !
    12.The only in-crowed i was in was Dobbie grays.
    13.Favorite lesson? Tech drawing

  2. Speaking of raw egg…my mother actually used to eat raw eggs. I mean, all the time. I guess it’s a Korean thing, I never really asked because to this day it continues to gross me out. But yeah, she’d suck it right out of the shell – or crack a whole bunch in a bowl and eat it like soup. (Is this TMI?)

  3. Oi! offspring be very careful what you divulge about your daddy:grin:
    I had actually forgot about that hahahahahah, So here’s the tale.
    In short a mate who just happened to be more qualified in chemistry than the teacher! brought a 1lbs or 485g of Sodium to school just for me to play with! It was my intention to take it home and play with it there.
    However whilst in the boys bog it sort of slip out of my hands and down the loo, smashing the jar. Now I am sure you are all familiar what happens when sodium is exposed to air, let alone water!!
    It took out the whole loo. I was never found out.heheheheheheheh

  4. Drunk
    bruises and fat lips from fights
    finding (paid) work for the first time
    Learning about girls…
    found a typewriter – forgot about girls
    got my first piercing (right ear)

    …soon thereafter – quit school
    noticed I wasn’t missed as I too, Mark, held membership in that exculsive club:

    Not a popular kid at school.

    Father Luke

  5. Root – that’s very odd.
    As an experiment, I deactivated all my anti-spam stuff about 3 days ago, and in my “Kill on sight” spam list I have only two terms spammers use, neither of which you would …..

    I’m confused.. When I wake up some more I shall dig in the database and see if it’s there.

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