PE: Rope climbing

I could never climb the ropes at school in PE. In fact, I still cannot (that said, I have only had my own motivation to drive me. I would imagine that a strong enough incentive would propel me up at speed) and the image popped into my head earlier of me standing there in the school gym. I was holding the rope, staring at my feet and while I understood perfectly the mechanics of rope climbing, and had studied others I could no more climb that rope than play keepie-uppie with a medicine ball. (I can’t do keepie-uppie at all, I’m just illustrating the nature of this marble-like vertical learning curve). It’s not that my life would be changed by the ability to climb a rope, but it would certainly have freed up my mind from the curious memory that literally popped out of nowhere.

Running was next – why when I remember running and school do I only ever have a memory of freezing winter days and being forced to run cross-country ? Did we not do cross-country in the summer ever ? You know, I don’t think we did – in the winter the only way the teachers could stay warm was to send us all on a long, nasty, wet, slippy, freezing run.
I don’t run. I’ll walk, I’ll walk fast but I won’t run. Wasn’t built for it either physically or mentally. Maybe it’s the teacher’s fault ….. maybe a warm summer’s day cross country could have attracted me to this business of running. Or Not.

Right, I’m off to write and do stuff about Podcasting. (Remember I said I’d try ? Didn’t like. I ought to write down why. Maybe if I ran I could have fitted them in there ….)

8 thoughts on “PE: Rope climbing

  1. That brought back a lot of memories.

    I could do all the rope climbing stuff and what have you. That’s not the point though – the point is it brought back memories because they don’t do things like rope climbing now do they? Isn’t that seen as ‘competitive’ and therefore a ‘bad thing’? 😉 Don’t they just stand around throwing balls in the air to music or something now? Or if one child throws their ball higher than the others is that considered disruptive (thou shalt not be better) and are removed from class? 🙂

    Whenever I got up in the morning, looked out of the window and saw rain coming sideways or 2 foot of snow the first thought that popped into my head was “Mmm, cross country today then?”

  2. I remember that on the few occasions we did rope-climbing I was, along with my mate, the fastest there. Sadly there was nothing at the top to make it worthwhile and then you have to get down without hurting yourself.

    Cross country however… you won’t get me running until there’s an armour-skinned, acid-blooded alien chasing me through a labyrinth of corridors.

  3. I was never able to climb those damn ropes either. I remember feeling extreme jealousy for those that could. I don’t know why, I’ve never been a particularly competitive person, but those ropes really got to me for some unkown reason. 😀

  4. Oh no ! I to was a total failure at rope climbing, being the fattest lad in the class I was often the one called forth to give a demo of how to climb the rope. Pure humiliation. I was very familiar with the leather binding on the end of the rope as it was whacked across my arse for failing. However I did excel at swinging on the rope in the game we loved called Pirates, you know the one were you had to evade being caught on the floor by using all the apparatus available. 6 lads all crowed on a vaulting horse and me with the rope in hand launched from
    the climbing frame and took the lot out in one go. yeahhhhhhhhhh for the fatties i would shout.
    Ahhh jumpers for goal posts and all…:grin:

  5. On my five year old nephew’s first outing to a school gymnasium the teacher turned his back on the class. Moments later my nephew was atop a forty foot climbing frame – shouting *look at me*. He is either completely insane or he will be perfect in the commandos or something 🙂 School PT? I enjoyed it about as much as the frogs spawn and battered spam. 🙂

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