Sainsbury’s: Thieves or Good guys ?

The girls wanted a Red Nose, so as I was going out, I went to get them. But it’s not that easy is it ?
It would seem that yet again, you need to go to a Sainsbury’s store to get them. Now given that Red Nose Day is nationally recognised, is being supported by the BBC and is hardly a small-time event, why the hell is buying a nose being limited to Sainsbury’s ?

Because Sainsbury’s are profiteering bastards who will happily claw cash from their customers and suppliers in such a pathetic low-life manner.

There is a case study here which bears close reading:

  • “Sainsbury’s raising over £4.5 million for Comic Relief 2001 – the largest ever single donation to a telethon.” Possibly …… but if Sainsbury’s had NOT had the EXCLUSIVE licence, couldn’t the revenue have been larger ?
  • “By extending the variety of mechanics used” – read that as “By working out how to screw everyone harder and more efficiently”
  • “Suppliers were able to pay a fee to Comic Relief” ABLE ? Get real …. that will have worked along the lines of this: “We are running the Comic Relief stuff, if you want your product to be on our shelves, pay. If you do not, we will not stock you. At all.”
  • “Sainsbury’s recorded a 2% sales uplift” And they would have us believe that they are acting more out of altruism. Crap.
  • “and the programme enhanced stores customer relationship management” ….. what ???

It’s not that I’m against Sainsbury’s making a profit – I am not – but if Comic Relief are actually serious about raising money, why are they being so precious and limiting access to only those areas that have one of their shops ? Is it demographics ? I honestly cannot see that by restricting the sale of Red Noses in this way that they are making MORE money – it just looks like backhanders to me.
Why can’t the corner shops get the Noses ? Why not garages ? Why not Tesco / M & S / Aldi / anywhere ?

As it is, Sainsbury’s are screwing their suppliers and they are screwing customers. Maybe Comic Relief is actually happy with that though ?

5 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s: Thieves or Good guys ?

  1. I didn’t think Sainsbury’s have a totally exclusive license – I bought my nose from Oxfam a couple of weeks ago.

    I have to agree with you though, it is a little sneaky to restrict it to just one or two stores

  2. Katy – that’s true in the strcitest sense. Given where the majority of people may visit, I still say that Sainsbury’s are skinning the charity, and I still say that this seems too remarkable..

  3. When did this happen, just this year? I remember when red nose day first started, you could buy them everywhere – the corner shop, garages, supermarkets, newsagents. Maybe they don’t sell as many as they used to and had to restrict the outlets?

    Not that I agree with it, just wondering on the reasons why.

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