I kneel to G

Googleads are in the process of appearing on some pages in the guides. 6 weeks I’ll give it, then extrapolate the figures. I am about to start a wholesale shifting around in there too, so substantial breakage will occur.

Update:: Lots of movement in the guides, and I’m sure that something somewhere will have broken. Please let me know ?

Also………….while doing this I had 3 emails from people I have previously had no contact with. They all began pretty much like this – “Hi, I am doing a theme for the competition but need some help, and as the forums are really busy and you’d answer me any way, could you help me …… (a credit is promised too, eternal gratitude blah blah).
That’s my answer. It’s for several reasons:
– I don’t think I will get credit (I have heard this often)
– Yours is not the only email
– Why do I think you are asking me so it can appear you did this all yourself ?
– I am busy (Money has a wonderful habit of refocusing my attention though)
– Do not assume I am answering CSS questions… it’s not just me there – the resident guru is back in the chair
– I am already seriously annoyed at the people posting to say “I followed Mark Guide and my site broke / does not work / got eaten by a passing badger” in the hope that their incomptence will somehow be appeased when someone says “Hell yea, that guide is just so shite” and yet that has not happened even once, so I’ll be damned, covered in marmite and fed to a vat of ants before I give anyone the excuse to say “Well Mark says absolute positioning is the way to go” and they try and blame their f*-up on me.

There you go 🙂

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8 thoughts on “I kneel to G

  1. I agree. Googleads are my friend. They really don’t take up much room at all and are a great profit. Help pay them hosting bills and other costs that may happen while hosting these blogs hehe.

    It’s a good source of income I think, if you know how to properly use them.

    Good luck with integrating them 🙂

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