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On BBC News just now it reported that the Army has been called in to assist emergency services in Kent. And what has caused this drastic action ? Snow. Well, that’s wrong actually – it’s idiotic bloody drivers who have seen the snow, worried about their “protected from the elements kids” and got into their huge frigging cars to drive to school. These being drivers who could not drive in a straight line on a dry day, in an empty supermarket car park and with someone holding a gun to their heads. Use their damn cars for target practice ffs.

“Severe weather causes chaos on the roads”.
Drivers do.

In this story from the BBC again, a Muslim girl has won the right to wear traditional dress in school. Cool. I have not the slightest issue with that, and the Muslim Community are to be congratulated. Of course when someone from the BNP digs up some traditional Anglo-saxon garb, I trust that those same Muslims will support the right of the BNP (and the fruit of their loins) to wear such clothing.
And given this upholding of what can and cannot be worn, wear does this impact – if at all – on the Swastika ban ?

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  1. In has always been my motto in life to adapt to my environment. Sure, I can hold to my own beliefs, no one can ever take them from me no matter how hard they try, but when it comes to laws of a country or region, surely the ‘locals’ have the right to implement whatever they wish. It’s their land. As newcomers/visitors we have a choice of whether we wish to stay or leave.

    However, for some people that is not good enough because they say that the laws must be changed to meet the demands of the new world. So what happens, the beliefs of the locals are changed and the new is allowed. I just don’t see that as fair and just and yet it is happening again and again in this country. I think it is called progress…

  2. There has been a really interesting legal case here in New Zealand about the rights of Muslim women to wear traditional burqas in court. It caused a virtual news riot here about six weeks ago.

    In the end the judge made a decision that was not to be taken as a precedent. He said the woman would have to remove her burqa to give evidence but that she could do so shielded from the public gallery.

    More information here.

    My feeling is that it’s the mark of a maturing society to accept diversity of appearance. That doesn’t just apply to ethnic diversity but also to some of the other ways that people like to adorn or dress themselves.

    That’s why the courts decision over the burqa case appealed to me. It allowed the young woman to retain her dignity but it also upheld the law.

    As for swastika ban. In a mature society we wouldn’t have to ban things like swastikas, because people would be aware that causing offense is an offensive thing to do ;).

  3. I think this is getting out of control. On the one hand Muslim women are fighting to change and move away from wearing such religiously imposed clothing. While on the other hand we have a 15 year old girl fighting to keep the right to wear clothing dictated by her religion. I think it’s like most faiths, open to interpretation of ones personal views.
    Either way so long as it is their choice and not enforced.( I wonder if the 15 year old will still want to wear the burqas when someday she will not be under the influence of her parents)

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