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Robots.txt now bans all bots, and Google has removed this url from their database. A consequence of this is that anyone searching for WP help would have seen here as #1, now they do not. While that is bad for them, I need less visitors – it’s as simple as that. Further measures I’ll take later to try and reduce what is getting to be an ever-escalating issue. Disruption will occur – my apologies in advance. (It’s not a case of moving servers/hosts, it’s about affording to pay for what I am using – oops ….. what you are using 🙂 ).

10 thoughts on “Google gone

  1. Yea, my link will still be around and although Matt has said that, it means moving files / links etc.

    If everyone who used those pages paid 50p, I wouldn’t have an issue.. but then I have a pay model ready to go so I could roll that out. I’m just getting very fed up with this issue happening every month to be honest – if it annoys people having to read it, it annoys me more having it here in the first place.

    But hey, maybe saving people’s blogs just isn’t worth anything at all – despite whatever theme the blog has on being worthy.

  2. Do you see any share of WordPress donations, or is it all needed for the server costs of I agree with Bryan that Matt should help you out, since your tutorials are probably saving the codex some bandwidth and it would be next to impossible for WP support to function without them; though I also understand why you want to keep them on your own site.

    I subsidise my own site through a combination of paid work and Google ads; I wish I could manage without them, but asking for donations is next to pointless. People just won’t pay for something if they can get it for free.

  3. Matt has made a contribution, yes.

    I used to get swamped with requests for WP work, but now I have changed the page, I get no requests. Paid work ? I have none as yet, despite the odd offer. Google-ads ? I’d rather not but I shall be reading their T&C’s later. I was planning on moving all the images off-site and had started that but domestic events happening here mean I might change ISP so I’d have to undo it all and that’s annoying .. should know more on that in a week or so.
    I’m not actually looking at WP for anything. Like it now says, I’m looking at the people I have helped.

    Today just is not a good day … this has added to junk that’s all 🙂

  4. Mark – if you can stomach the move – and here I am thinking *shudder* mysql exports a lot of folk would be willing to help. I could host you on wp-blogger if you need it. (We need a good sys admin 🙂 )

  5. Root – I’m here, I’m here 🙂

    And thanks everyone 🙂 When G get back to me (couple of days they said) I’ll know more of what I’m doing and hopefully the domestic situation here will be a tad clearer …. in a way, this is quite funny.
    There are soooo many posts on the forums asking about getting Google, geting hits, increasing visitors and yet here’s me effectively saying “Oi, bugger off for a few days please :)”

    Either way, once it’s sorted there will be a couple of revamps done.

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