The Catholics steal again.

It would appear from this BBC News story that not only did members of the Catholic Clergy sexually abuse others, they have been making their congregations PAY FOR IT. WTF is going on there ? This is the richest church on the planet, it’s corruptions have garnered it huge fortunes, and yet they are taking money by deception from people who can probably least afford it in order to appease their own consciences – or maybe it does actually say something in the Bible along the lines of “Do wrong, then make someone else pay for your wrongs” Is that it ? Yes – My apologies. No ? Then it’s a case of “Do as I say not as I do” then is it ? Where did this Jesus bloke mention that ?

You are welcome to your religious beliefs, but Catholicism ? Pffft

If it said “National Front” and not Catholic Clergy, I doubt you’d mind eh ?

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  1. This quote from the article made me chuckle – ‘The fund was set up by the Irish bishops to fund child protection initiatives and provide financial redress to victims of child sexual abuse by priests.’

    It makes it sound like they’re genuinely trying to help victims, rather than what they’re really doing, which is to stop any court cases and thus bad press. Could you imagine what would happen if all of those cases came to court?

  2. While I’m in no way agreeing with the catholic church, i feel you’;ve got it slightly skewed possibly. When you give to a collecting plate, do you have to know where every penny’s going? Whould you kick up a huge fuss if they were sending aid to a repressive regime somewhere in the world? The money is helping to fund a lot of the churches activities, not just abuse, and folk are told none of the things. It’s deception by ommission more than straight out ommission. Secondly, giving financial help to abuse victims is a good thing imo. Does it take away the hurt? no, but it show’s a willingness (no matter how late) to atone for wrongs. In a lot of cases it was individual priests taking part in the abuse, so does the entire church get tarred with the brush of a few?
    Finally, is there a source that shows the catholic chrch being such a rich organisation? I’d say, in monetary terms, there’s richer religions out there, tho I’ve not looked, it was just an aside…

  3. @AJ – I know that there are at least 3 people that read here who have significant religious views, and while I do not wish to offend, I will express how I see things, and I see that I have it right – not at all skewed.
    The Catholic Church wants to live in a “We know best” patronising manner with it’s global congregation (as do all religions) and in this day I certainly do not feel that is right. Look at Zenith’s comment – she hits the nail right on the head there.
    Odd that your average Catholic wouldn’t give money to someone in the street yet they’ll happily chuck cash into a box for their sexually perverted priest to get away with abusing and damaging others.

    And the richest ? Grief …. tons of sources. I’ve linked several before.

  4. 1. This is my diocese (although I rarely go to Church) and nobody knew about the collection, not the priests and not the parishioners.

    2. Bishop Hegarty is an extremely arrogant and disliked bishop by both the clergy and laiety in this diocese.

    3. The levy wasn’t an extra collection. It was taken from the weekly collections that are lifted as a matter of course every weekend. So Catholics weren’t being asked to “chuck cash into a box for their sexually perverted priest to get away with abusing and damaging others”. With parents who have a very strong and vibrant faith I find that comment a bit offensive TBH.

    4. This was an extremely wrong thing to do, there was huge backlash from both clergy and laity and it has since been withdrawn. If the church needs to compensate victims of abuse then they should do it from church coffers (but then were did they originally come from anyway if not from donations).

    5. There is no such thing as an “average Catholic” just like there’s no such thing as an average anybody. You’re tarring everyone with the one brush there.

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