Got a Car crash blog ?

I have at least 1 blog that I visit, and I do so not because I like any of the writing on it (I do not), not because I like any images on it (I do not) or because of some wondrous design (no, it’s a design I hate and it’s also flawed). Yet this blog I find myself being drawn to visit maybe once / twice a week to deride it to myself. Maybe that’s arrogant, maybe I need to get more of a life but even so, just like a few minutes ago I’ll suddenly think to myself “I wonder what crap is there now ?” and off I will go. It’s the author that annoys me. I won’t comment – I would have nothing positive to say – and if I were to point out my issues they would not be met with constructively – I would have fanatics raining down on me. Where this blog is matters not – but do you have such a blog or site that you also go to for similar reasons ?

(And no guesses – even if you have met me you won’t get this one 🙂 )

5 thoughts on “Got a Car crash blog ?

  1. Randomly just found your blog whilst looking on google (my sister told me ‘brown’ pot noodless can give you cancer and I had to check it out).

    Had to comment on this because I too read one blog for the same reasons. I have several I check through because I’m nosey and interested and then one I just check for unknown reasons. I guess it could just be habit or curiosity but sometimes I just wish they’d shut up. I then realise it’s probably my own fault for reading their blog in the first place.


  2. Hi Abi !
    Does that mean I have to shake the soy sauce off mine before I eat them ? 🙂
    I wish this person would give it a rest too … but they won’t, they never will, they’ll keep annoying me ! Do call back !

  3. Markie,
    I have a site like that. It just makes my skin crawl to visit there to read what is being said, but I do. It’s got to be a masochistic thing, I guess. I’ve visited at least twice this weekend! Like you, I don’t post comments because they won’t be warmly received. I’m going to blame it on cabin fever. I wish all this snow would go away and spring would start blooming!

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