8 thoughts on “Cartoons

  1. Was going to watch it last night, got to about 61 and fell asleep.

    The Clangers and The Moomins scared me sh*tless when I was young, hated the noises they they made.

    My favorites were Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green. You can just imagine how pleased I was when they released all episodes on DVD.

    But, I’d love to get Pigeon Street on DVD if it ever came out, for the wee one of course…

  2. Being of an age when cartoons were innocent lol Clangers at #1
    Tales of the river at bank #2 Button moon at #3 Magic roundabout at #4
    Trumpton at #5 Wooden tops at #6 Morph at #7 Mr Ben at #8 Stingray at #9
    All the above were not cartoons as such, more stop go animation. Tales of the river bank even had live animals such as Hammy the hamster!
    So In terms of actual cartoons, Tom and Jerry at #1 Topcat at #2 Deputy dog at #3 Wacky races at #4. The list goes on but the above are just a few of my favourites.


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