Rebuild the wiki ?

So I now have Dokuwiki installed. I lost wodges of stuff when instiki went postal on me, and I have redone the index page ……… but what next ?
If I recreate the information, it will take a long time and inevitably when you collect and collate information there is stuff there which you’ll just never use again. So why put that back ? So I’m making not the slightest attempt to mimic the previous contents – whatever overlaps does so because it is useful, and if I am missing it, it matters not.
Not that these matters matter, least of all to you, but I guess it’s one of those ways that I look at stuff: Just because it was a certain way and then it becomes changed, it doesn’t mean that it’s original form is the absolute governing it’s future does it ?

And don’t read anything else into this than the above.

One thought on “Rebuild the wiki ?

  1. Well, out with the old, in with the new.

    I’m sure things have changed since you did the old wiki stuff, so the new stuff will be more relevant.

    Besides, I’m sure we can do a google cached search if we need the old stuff.

    Did you think about using Mediawiki (like the codex) as software?

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