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There’s a new 1.5 trackback testing blog at this end of town – Test Track and it is using the Clean Breeze theme from Chris Coggburn. Same deal as the other 2 testing blogs – login details are there so ping / track until you are happy. (Sidenote: judging from entries that I delete from the other blogs, there would seem to be a high number of people who do not know how to do this ……. why ? It’s written in enough places I thought..but maybe not ?). I have also obscured the version of WP being used. There is a reason, it just doesn’t make sense written down 🙂
I have also fiddled with the front page of the WP help section partly because I didn’t like the layout before, and partly because this new design lends itself to what I have planned. Oh yes, and I dislike SVN – I promise I will never ever write a guide for svn use.

One thought on “Just WP stuff

  1. SVN is sooooo usefull 😎

    I had to get confident with it cause the translation in Italian I’m coordinatig, and then i used it for WP SVN (for changes made for correct full translation) and bbPress too (for the italian forum). If you use Tortoise for Win it intergates perfectly with the Win Explorer with right click menu it’s a pleasure get always updated with last versione.

    If you have an houre for experimenting I’m sure i won’t come back. 🙂

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