drDave’s awesome plugin is now looking after any spamming attempts here. No AJ, I wasn’t playing, I actually broke a lot. Loads in fact 🙂 And that broke Spaminator I think which I just could not resurrect .. shame, I liked that plugin.

And a comment on another blog was pointed out to me ….. Awesome news.. GET IN TOUCH !!

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8 thoughts on “Spam-Karma

  1. Does this mean I can actually comment on your blog without being Spaminated? 😛 I’ll be interested in how you get on with Spam-Karma – i found it a little too hostile.
    Btw, how did you get the ‘Preview’ bit to appear in the preview pane rather than above it?

  2. I hope so Ian 🙂

    As for the preview…..not sure what you mean ?
    I just added some css
    #commentPreivew {
    margin:10px 10px;
    padding:10px 10px;

    (Note the typo which may have been fixed in a later version)

  3. Father Luke – I really do not know …… but I have a guess.

    I altered my comments file so you see a commenters name, then their comment, so it could be pulling that in.
    Owen altered the plugin ? I grabbed it very quickly so he may have revised it. If that is the case, you are more than welcome to the file 🙂

  4. I’ll play with it a bit tonight, afternoon here now, Mark…
    I’m off to the day job.

    Just getting my ‘puter back this week after frying a video card last week. So, I’m a bit back-logged.

    By the way, if you have never tried the noodles from the noodle cup wrapped in a tortilla, why do yourself the favor and give ‘er a try.

    Unnutritious? Empty calories? Perhaps, but delicious, simple and the choice of students the world over.


  5. Welcome to the Spam Karma family!
    And apologies in advance for all the comments it will mistakenly delete 😉

    One recommendation (that I’ve been giving to most people): unless too much spam is making it through, consider setting SK on ‘lenient’ or ‘very lenient’ mode, so as to ensure even the baddest of false positives get given a chance with a captcha or something… of course, that all depends about what works for you: keep an eye on the digest and enable/disable specific filters accordingly until you reach a good balance…

    And then hopefully there’ll be SK2 soon enough, that’ll be even better and incapable of error and do stuff like no human could. and then it will try to lock you out of your blog… but that’s another story…

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