I’m installing a game. 3 cd’s of it. After swearing a lot at the cdkey (that alone should tell you that I actually bought it) and trying various combos of O/0 and A/R it starts to load. CD 1 is fine. CD 2 is fine. CD 3 the drive makes an odd noise and it won’t recognise the disc. Bugger. Remove disc, check for smudges, replace CD, still no go. Find phone number of computer maker, start calling them … while on hold decide to try again. But the disc has gone. Not just gone gone but completely vanished. I have searched EVERYWHERE. Not in box / in machine / on machine / on sofa / down sides of sofa / under cushions / in pockets …….C’mon, who nicked it ?

Update: Would you believe it came off IN the drive ? Either way it still won’t install, so back to the shop it can go.

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