What’s being hidden ?

This food scare with the Sudan-1 colouring …. getting boring isn’t it ? It seems to be all over the news, the papers, on a multitude of sites, yet according to the BBC (bastions of truth, justice and unbiased opinion [unless it involves politics]) it’s claimed that the risk from eating some of this food is likened [it] to the cancer risk associated with smoking just one cigarette in a lifetime. And if you’ve not smoked but you’ve inhaled passively I guess that’s you too. Now, whack me with a banana and call me reckless, but that’s a stupendously low risk given the massive news coverage.

So what is going on really ?

3 thoughts on “What’s being hidden ?

  1. I imagine the point on it is this: European food security policies are supposed to be efficient. Food can freely circulate inside Europe, since all countries are supposed to check food for known risks.

    Sudan issue shows not all food is checked for all risks. If there is some of this (low risk) substance, imagine all the stuff that can be inside your food.

    The bad side of it is, local chauvinism inside EU countries will “ban” UK for a substance that could be inside other countries’ food. Hey, if they’ve found it in UK because they’ve *looked* for it. Imagine what could they find in other EU countries where (in order to avoid panicking population) nobody looks for risks.

  2. Wow … I’d not even thought of that.

    /me puts conspiracy hat on again 😉
    It was a disgruntled French Beef farmer who did this ! He secretly infiltrated the Premier Foods plant ! He contaminated produce to benefit his economy.

    And strangely, that could yet be the type of scenario to which we are headed ?

    Thanks for stopping by josemoya !

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