730 days

The end of today will mark 2 years of no alcohol.
It is worth celebrating ? No, but it’s worth noting I think if for no other reason than 2 years and 1 day ago I could not have foreseen myself even stopping let alone for so long.

Several times between 1991 and 2003 I rang the Alcohol Services about stopping, and each time I was told that “just stopping” could be a very serious thing to do. If you take what are called the sensible drinking limits as a rule, then if I lived to be 80 I would still be unable to have a drink. So yup, I drank a lot. Oddly, life got one HELL of a lot wierder when I stopped. And I do want to thank one person who let me ask questions and gave me answers which allowed me to think myself through to the stage on that morning two years ago when all I said was “I wonder if I can get to midday without a drink ?” And that person is Jo.

And another 2 years ? No idea. I never said I was stopping forever, I just said that I don’t want a drink right now.

10 thoughts on “730 days

  1. Hmm I think it’s worth celebrating. I share your path, and when another year rolls around I appreciate the distance gained from the craziness. Not like I throw a party or anything. Ah well your blog is looking radiant. I like the preview comment field so much I don’t want to stop writing haha just kidding. Happy 2 years anyway (=

  2. I have a nephew, Mark, he has 19 years sober.
    Kid never had a drink in his life. Can you believe it?

    So, Mark old son, there are those who will never know all of what you
    have accomplished this day.

    Then there are those, like myself, who will see, know and understand
    what this day means.

    I like your style.

    Okay for now,
    Father Luke

  3. Mark, well done.

    I’m about 15 months behind you. I don’t remember exactly when I stopped the party… but I know I was at my Dr’s getting the results of a check-up following a batch of tests to find the source of my chest pains sometime last May.

    I’ve had the pains for 6 years, and the results showed I have had a heart attack… that was news to me, it must have happened while I was unconscious at some time:sad:

    The scans and imaging showed a very enlarged heart. I asked how that happens, and he said could be due to toxins… guess what? 38 years of heavy drinking = toxic intake, big time.

    So I just stopped… and survived. I found out afterwards, I could have had a siezure or fit from stopping cold, but luckily it never happened.

  4. Congrats, Mark. I’m just a week ‘older’ than you, as you know.
    2/15/03 is my ‘date’. It is absolutely worth celebrating. Each day is a big deal, let alone each year. 🙂

    And, I TOTALLY believe you when you say life got a hell of a lot weirder when you stopped. Mine did, too. But, with time, it also got much better. 🙂

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