Site Fiddling again

I’d decided yesterday that the archives/category display needed sorting out. As it was set up, a single click could cause the title of every post to be fetched – needless work. And then with perfect timing up pops MtDewVirus with his all-new MDV-Archive. Does the job perfectly, though I couldn’t resist the temptation to adjust it in small parts.

Drdave’s Referer-Karma is doing an excellent job, and it found a bot that I had previously banned but when rewriting my robots.txt I had neglected to put back. and it’s annoying bot are now re-banned. That link is a nofollow – I doubt people had heard of that site so why help them out, even a tiny bit ?

Seeing as I mentioned no-follow …… Technorati Incoming are tagged ‘nofollow’ and links I don’t like when posting will get the same. Comments are as they were. I liked WP because it didn’t impose anything but standards when installed and although I understand perfectly the reason for making it the default I count myself in the group who would have liked a switch. Still, it’s not exactly difficult to remove.

R-K has also thrown up a little mystery – it would appear that my site is listed inside a members only 😉 site …….. not a site I have ever joined either. And were I to join, I don’t know how I would find “me” so as odd as it is, and as intrigued as I am it looks like I will have to remain perplexed. Or maybe I should register and have a look. Hmmm …..

And in my other effort to reduce bandwidth, Google have removed their cache of directories that I added to the robots.txt a while back. The /stats directory was generating a ridiculous amount of hits, particularly to the RAB folder, so hopefully that will fall to better levels.

One thought on “Site Fiddling again

  1. Yeah, I definitely would have liked a switch, but as you said, it’s not hard to turn off.

    And this iis how stupid I am, I didn’t realize you could do the nofollow on a link by link basis. *facepalm* Learn something every day. 😀

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