7 thoughts on “Hunt Supporters ?

  1. While I hate the idea of hunting in any form I find this issue a thorny one. People I know and work with go out and hunt. However when I hear them boasting about what they killed at the weekend it makes me sick.

    It’s a shame because apart from that, they are not bad people. It’s just what they have been brought up with and taught since a child that killing animals for “sport” is ok.

    None of them believe however, that this ban will stop them. I hope the police prove them wrong.

    I’ve heard them say it’s a “great British tradition” -so was slavery. We’ve moved on since then, we can again.

    And living in the country, with people who hunt I can’t see any reason to believe this will affect anyone’s livelihoods. They all seem to either have regular jobs, or more money than sense. And those that sell hunt gear have plenty of other business outside their “little group” of hunters.

  2. “brought up with and taught since a child” – so a BNP activist would be okay teaching his kids ? Or a left-wing revolutionary who teaches his kids that the aristocracy should be overthrown is also something that should be upheld ?

    There simply is NO excuse for these sub-humans to do what they do.
    It is NOT sport.
    It is NOT a tradition of which we should be proud or we should uphold.

    Every argument they come out with is fundamentally flawed.

    Anyone with a clue who watched TV that day knows they saw the law being comprehensively and flagrantly broken, and the smug bastards who showed their faces loved it. I found those scenes sickening.

    It’s a big up to the hunt saboteurs from me, and I trust that the law does not only prevail but that pain and distress is visited upon all hunt supporters.

  3. Did anyone see the news report where they did the hunt, dug in after the fox with a terrier and a spade, shot the fox in the head and THEN threw it to the dogs to tear to pieces?

    This is how they “get around the ban”. And meanwhile, some wanker in a red coat (I think it was Otis Ferry, actually) stands around the dogs as they rip the fox to bits, blowing a silly little horn. Whoop-de-fucking-doo.

    What the fuck sort of enjoyment can you get out of that?

  4. I did – utterly sickening.

    Otis Ferry is a fucking neanderthal. Imagine if many many blogs repeatedly libelled him and others – get up his nose wouldn’t it ?

    Either way, that bastard Otis “I’m a retarded cunt” Ferry needs the shit kicking out of him – and even that wouldn’t come close to what that poor animal went through in the name of what he calls “entertainment”.
    If it wasn’t for having a rich Dad, (1) he wouldn’t have that tosspot name and (2) he’d never have joined this moronic pursuit.
    It IS a class thing, and it should be stopped.

    Otis Ferry – you are a lying, snivelling shit.

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