Gmail Utility ?

I can’t find something – and it must surely exist.

I would like a program that will login to my Gmail account, grab emails that are labelled (such as starred messages) and then downloads them into my machine.
I’m not after preservation of conversations, it’s more for those single messages which I would rather not lose – I use the gmail account for registration information.
I’ve downloaded GMail Drive and have poked about with that, but it does not do what I want …… does what I would like exist ? Or do I have to use pop access ?

Edit :: Ignore this. After looking round even more, I gave up and configured Thunderbird to do the job for me instead. Having had Gmail freak out on me before – and with them apparently not too far away from launching – and also having lost access to my domain email, I wanted a local copy of all my important logins and such given that I regularly kill cookies / cache from firefox. So now I have.

2 thoughts on “Gmail Utility ?

  1. I didn’t.
    My Gmail is kept pretty lean anyway ( ~1-2meg ) as I delete ruthlessly, so I did a swathe of deletions, set the POP to not delete from GMail and downloaded them. It was around 200 mails, and I then manually deleted the stuff I didn’t want to keep.
    As a one-off it’ll do and in future I’ll probably just forward.

    Heh .. I’ll probably not even need this stuff ever again 🙂

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