What’s a stranger ?

My girls are off out to a fair in town later, and call me old-fashioned but one thing I’ll say to them will be “Don’t talk to strangers”. And yet here you are reading what I’m writing and if it strikes a chord, you may even respond – you’ll be talking to me. Is it from the safety of your anonymity that you do this ? I’m still a stranger no matter how you look at it, regardless of how many of my words you may have read.
This struck me as odd because of what I read last night in various places. On another blog, what was in essence a stupid post was met with a ridiculous ‘fanboy’ response with people trying to out-fanboy each other. What IS all this stuff about ? We will likely not meet 99.9% of the people who read our daily meanderings through life, yet there seems to be a few who devote an inordinate amount of attention to the words of a few. Why ? They aren’t super-human you know, they still have to sit down to crimp one off, so for heaven’s sake just chill out and ask yourself this – “If I was in a cafe when ‘X’ walked in, would I act this way in front of my real-life mates ?”. My money says you would not, so grow up.

In other news ……. minor changes to the Comment page (inspired by, but not copied from Coldforged) and I think it works okay, Contact form repaired (thanks Samantha).

And now 1.5 is out, I’ve gone through my mail and I’m sure I am missing some. So, if I said I would do some WP stuff and you wanted to wait until 1.5 is out and I have not got in touch, nag me.

7 thoughts on “What’s a stranger ?

  1. Lawrence – yup, that’s the plugin. I don’t have it working on the admin side (I’ve not tried) but for this side it’s just the same as it always has been with the function called in comments.php

    Gary – it wasn’t just that post on that site 🙂 It was other ‘blogs’ in other areas that have the same sort of effect. Its basically the “A-list wannabes” and their shallowness.

  2. It’s not actually !
    I thought it was – and not wanting to pinch Coldforged’s code even inadvertently, I didn’t look at how he’d done his – I just played.
    For mine, I just took the paragraph tags out of the comments file, then used some no-break-spaces to pad it. This is of course a lazy way of doing it – CF has nicely spaced it all with what look like list elements, but this does what I wanted 🙂

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