I have just read a blog post which for the first time in ages had me saying out loud “What a pile of bollocks” followed by a stream of invective.

Yeah, right ….. crap.

(and like I’m going to reveal the source, but I HAD to blog this)

8 thoughts on “Bullshit

  1. I find I read posts that invoke that kind of feeling in me all the time Mark. The trouble is, I still go on to post them anyway 🙂

    And you realise of course, that dangling this little piece of information is just making us all very edgy and we want to come over there and hide all your Jaffa cakes until you spill the beans…

    Do not be surprised if on your next visit to the supermarket you you discover a severe shortage of Jaffa Cakes and Coke in your area, that’s all I can say 🙂

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