Usenet and Gmail

With the announcement that the German University newserver is to go for a pay model as from April, I’ve looked about (a bit).
My ISP offers a feed, but it has atrocious spam filters and also carries no ‘alt.’ groups – it believes that all alt. groups do is spread porn and warez. So that isn’t a one-stop shop for me.
I’ve a Google Groups account from way back, so off to check that. But this now sees my Gmail cookie. Okay …. but reading the small print shows that although they say my real email address cannot be read by a spambot – as I will use the junk me @ privacy . net as the visible addy – it can be easily discovered by a human. (I highly doubt their spambot claim – just look at how they can get past commenting obstacles). So I have G-Groups account which will reveal my real email address. Now I’m not going to be posting for any nefarious purposes, but I want to remain cloaked – it’s not an uncommon practice is it ?
Gmail cookie deleted .. create new account – it works ! Set feeds up, do a test post, all is good. Go back later though and discover that because the gmail cookie has been set again, I cannot access the other account I had made. Annoying. Read stuff ……….. I either delete my entire Google presence and restart, or I will have to start some sort of logging in / logging out sort of game. They get old real fast. Bollocks. Just because they give you all this space so you don’t have to worry about spam doesn’t mean you want the damn stuff does it ?

I’m hunting …….

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