If you are reading in a feed, I’ve saved you a keypress.
If you are doing the decent thing and using a browser 🙂 , hit refresh and say hi to my latest experimentation in the world of colour codes: Sunburst

Although I’ll say so myself – I think this is pretty damn good !
CSS validates – did you expect less ? – and although there is the use of #CCC, that is deliberate. It’s info which is there but muted somewhat. This also reflects the css used on the rest of the site but there is no crossover at all . just noticed that the about the blog page needs a blockquote adjustment, but that’s no biggie. I’m sure I’ve missed some other tiny detail, but that can be sorted as and when…..

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6 thoughts on “Sunburst

  1. I remember a time, not too far back Mark, when you changed site designs almost daily, and at the very least, weekly. This new look is very ‘bright’ and I like it – but then again, I tend to like all your designs.

    The thing is mate and you better sit down for this one – it may hurt.

    I do not come here to see your designs. In fact, I rarely take too much notice of them at all. If you bumped into me in the street and asked me what colour your site is, I would have to guess or lie [smiling all the time of course].

    I only come here to READ and as long as the colours do not bother me, that is what makes me happy. Hey, that’s the whole point right – ‘what makes me happy’? Yes? No?

    Oh no, don’t tell me I have had the whole thing wrong since day one….

  2. @Shadow – true true, but what also makes me happy is playing with CSS.

    Think of it as a composer being given 100 untrained monkeys and a pile of musical instruments. It looks interesting, it can look wierd, it can in fact be horrendouis but then sometimes, for the briefest of moments, a few notes harmonise. So when my playing does hit the target, I get really happy 🙂

    Gary, Lawrence – thank you 🙂

  3. I have to echo Shadow that I come for the content. Although I’d probably surprised if you didn’t change the design, I have to admit that I like this one. I think that might be a problem. If you didn’t change it as often, I’d probably get worried about you, and wonder what’s wrong! 😉

    But again, I do like this design. Have a good one.

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