I’m Bipolar. So what ?

If you’ve followed here for the last few days, and also seen a certain thread in the forums, you will be aware that I got pissed off at someone. Very pissed off. The specifics are there to be read if you want – I’m not digging them up – but there is one aspect which does need looking at. So read.

I went to bed in the early hours of whatever day it was while the thread was stil quite young. I woke to find that LA had stated on his blog that my reaction to him stealing my work was because I was bipolar and he was glad there was an ocean between us.
How did you make that conection about my reaction and being bipolar ?
The jibe about the ocean implies something even more negative does it not ? Violence maybe ?

I THEN find that not only had this been discussed in the WP forums, but also been discussed in other blogs by people who haven’t been on the same continent as me. Again, people are seeing the name of a mental health condition and assuming that I act / react in certain specific ways (probably according to whatever Hollywood crap you last saw).
Why are you making these assumptions ?
Why are you not only discussing me in public but also doing so from a position of so little knowledge ?

How about, if when someone posts to the forums later, I deduce that she is female and reply “Hey Babe, chill out .. Got your period ? Yea ? Well us blokes don’t give one so shove off for a few days” Would you want me to respond that way ? No ?? Why not ?? That’s effectively what you did to me.
You have a view of what bipolar is – you haven’t got a single clue HOW it affects ME.

Instead of LA admitting that (1) Yes he would be stealing and (2) he had started the whole thing wrongly, he scoured my site for something to hit me with. And he picked on a mental health issue. He picked on something he could scorn me with, something he could easily associate something negative with, and something that had absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand.

But he was successful wasn’t he ? Many of you fell for his trick, many of you stoked his pathetic ego and many of you, by your actions and inactions by not speaking out when you could have done (but it was just too damn interesting) have not only upset me in a way which continues now, but have also made life that tiny bit tougher for people who do have mental health issues when they read that.
Do you know how many blogs are set up so people can write anonymusly ? get their thoughts out ? Try and make sense of their life and their heads ? They’ll be the sort to read the forums. They’ll be the sort to read your comments, and note that no-one said “Hey Guys, STFU”. I couldn’t – I was asleep.

Yes, it does say that I am bipolar here on this blog. But that is ALL it says. You do not know me. Now if YOU are happy that I read your blog, pick on one small piece of information and then brand you with that, discuss you on other blogs and discuss you in busy forums – and all in a negative light – then fine, do that to me too. Somehow – and call this a shot in the dark if you will – I don’t think you want me or others to do that.

So do not do it to me, or to anyone else who has a mental health condition.

(Apologies are not necessary. Just don’t do it again. Ever. Anywhere.)

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  1. Mark, I’m afraid this is all you can do. People won’t learn if they don’t want to. And stupid people will always be around. Now, I know that it’s not nice what he said, but ignore it. The effects might be a tad harder to ignore, but seriously, there’s no such thing as saying ‘FU, I know better’ (and yes, that sounds superiour—needless to say that insulting someone over a mental health condition is indeed inferiour).

    Good luck fighting off other nonsense.

  2. I wish I’d had computer access during the start of this – I missed all of it while it was happening. I won’t patranize you by saying that I’d have stood up and said something because that’s just worthless text. I think it’s horrible that there are people in the world that will judge you (or anyone) based on one little insignificant thing. I deal with it every day with my blindness and it’s annoying and it sucks. But what I’ve learned in my life is that you can’t force people to be less ignorant. You have to stand up and be the bigger and better person because in the end that’s what matters.

    I feel kind of preachy and I’m sure I sound that way. I apologize for that. I won’t say you should ignore or forget it, but I wouldn’t let it consume you either. All those people that agreed with Larry or didn’t do anything certainly aren’t worth expending energy over. They obviously don’t know you to begin with, which is a shame for them.

  3. Well i agree… 100%

    We are about same age,and we share same “problem” depression. I had “fight” with stupid man on NG too, and the bad thing was he ‘s a doctor.

    We fight 3 or 4 posts… and all was related to other topic (was in a DIY newsgroup) then i just decide to ignore a stupid people like that and my killfile got a new entry.

    Lot of people doens’t understand what depression is, stupid people think about depressed person as dangerous psicotic people, just beacouse media reports the few ones so depressed to kill themself and mayb their relatives ingnoring the hundred thousands that lives with that desease for years managing to try have a quite normal life for them and people around them. But you know, here in italy we says: “the news is not a dog that bites a man but a man that bites a dog”. I don’t know if sound good in english too 🙂

  4. Personally I haven’t been in the WP forums for ages (haven’t needed to thanks to your guides), but I’m never surprised at the level of stupidity found in some people -anywhere you go. Of course you always get the ones who like to stir up shit just to watch the flames (probably get the same pleasure that arsonists get from burning things) -but I can never understand the people who really know nothing on the subject but feel they have to chip in with their opinion. In my opinion(!) if it’s personal to someone, then unless you can offer something supportive -stay out.

    And I agree that no-one seems to understand depression, but then no one really can -it effects everyone differently. I’ve been through it (badly in past, not so bad now -though it never really goes away) -I’ve just had to learn not to try to fight the ignorant.

    I would like to believe though, that for all the people who chipped in with stupid comments (I’ve no idea who did, I haven’t read them) there will be just as many that know who is really in the wrong and that the “other guy” has a far bigger problem than you ever will.

    Hey Mark – random people who know nothing about you, discussing personal things about you -from the other side of the world? You must be a full blown celebrity now! Maybe you can sell the story…. before someone else does! 😉

  5. I followed half of the argument through the WP forums after checking on your site and i even visited his web page to see what’s his say on the book issue. I think you’re right on the book issue BTW. I read his post about you being bipolar and I immediately thought that this is unfair. In fact i thought this proves the guy is yet another smart ass, so i found it pretty bloody obscolete to state the obvious with another comment on the post (some other folks did though). I guess most of the people reacted similarly.

    In other words, i can see why you are pissed off, and i think you are rightfully so. But if you want to count people’s support you should probably remember this: http://wordpress.org/support/topic.php?id=9814
    which proves you are constantly offering something to people for free. LA, on the other hand, is just a guy that wants to make money.

  6. Labels…I really really hate labels. Especially when people use them against you. I’ve had that done to me a few times in my life, can well understand how you feel.

    However I pity somebody who is such a sore loser in an argument that he has to use a label as a tactic. Sad.

  7. Well, its sad that people will have to resort to deriving their kicks from mocking others problems. Rest assured that people with this kind of mentality tend to have a lower intellect than the average joe in the street.

    Well, at least you have claimed the moral ground over such rats.

  8. Yeouch.

    I was just popping by to thank you for taking the time to write up the 1.2 to 1.5 upgrade instructions (I’ll be following them carefully at the weekend, when I have the time – see I did read it!!).

    Anyhoo, I’ve noticed your nic in the WP forums quite a bit and for that guy to say something as dumb as that reflects more on him than it does on you.

    I can fully understand why you’d be mad about this, my only advice is not to sweat it. Some people aren’t worth the energy. (Easier said than done I know – I moderate another forum and even the slightest personal dig has me hitting the big bad FLAME button everytime!).

    Well, thanks again for everything you’ve done in the WP forums. Don’t let the bad egg spoil it for the rest of us!

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