Michael Jackson: Is rushed to hospital because he is ILL ? With what ? A fear of something maybe ? And the other MJ item reported earlier was that his defence was calling on other stars to assist. What on earth FOR ? To dazzle the jury maybe (“Well, I said to myself that if Larry King believed Michael was innocent then so should I“) ? Doesn’t this sort of behaviour alone convince you that there really was something wrong with the “special hugs” ?

Now given that the BBC reports whatever is favourable to the Government, then you can choose whether to read about the McLibel Victory here (BBC) or here (McSpotlight) Argue the toss which is the more unbiased reporting (clue.. begins with ‘M’). Now….. read the BBC stuff carefully. It states that

But he found the leaflet was true when it accused McDonald’s of paying low wages to its workers, being responsible for cruelty to some of the animals used in its food products and exploiting children in advertising campaigns.

and at the bottom of the page there is a McDonald’s person stating “The world has moved on since then and so has McDonald’s.” Okaaaayy…. that would imply – I think – that what was true then is not true now; That McDonald’s have rectified the situation; That they are no longer ‘in the wrong’. That’s how I read that. Assuming therefore this is the case, let’s take the first item – that of low wages. Remember we have a Govt run by New Labour – a party built on the voices of the collective masses. Now head into a McD’s and ask any workers there which union they are in. Even better, get a job in that organisation and try to get the workforce unionised – from what I’ve read and heard from people, you need to keep a hold of your coat. The fact is that the person from McD’s spoke, but said nothing. If you have not read it, then go read Fast Food Nation. Ignorance isn’t bliss when you eat their junk – it’s downright foolishness.

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  1. A girl I was once with, worked at McDonalds for a bit, I heard (and saw at times) the way they treated her and the others, none of the workers had any voice. The “managers” seemed to have been chosen to all be right bastards -I think it was company policy.

    I made sure she found somewhere else to work quickly, but like many others at the time she didn’t have much choice.

    I don’t go near in the place anymore.

  2. Paul – by that what you mean actually is “Go and read what this site says because it says THE TRUTH !”

    Okay… by the same measure (one site, compiled by believers), I can go find out that 9-11 was caused by the US Military, that Jesus will arrive in a myriad of ways (he has a lot of fan sites too you see), that the RIAA really will get us all etc etc etc etc etc.

    Fanboy site.
    Go away.

  3. I guess we live in a sick world when people want to believe someone is guilty of child molestation. A world where a man is presumed guilty before being proven otherwise.

    I must be crazy…believing this man is innocent. By not believing that he is the most unique pedophile the world has ever known, who strikes once every decade (a pedophile has, on average, 240 victims in their lifetime).

    And if you don’t want to read a “Fanboy site”, go read the GQ Article that Mary Fischer wrote in 1994, regarding the 1993 frame-up.

  4. Paul – you are too blinkered.

    If the US Court find him innocent, justice will have been served.
    If the US Court find him guilty, they will have made a mistake.

    You may claim that I have only one view, but you are equally guilty of having a single view too.

  5. Mark, if Michael Jackson is proven guilty, I would not believe a mistake had been made. IMO, this case is too high profile for justice not to be served.

    But, I am sick of people looking at the allegations, and not the accuser, looking at the picture, and not the person who drew it. Why is it that as a general population, we want to jump to the most entertaining, sick conclusion? Why do we look at the allegation, see how sick and disgusting it is, then reflect that on the person who has been accused? The accused are not always guilty, and this man deserves a fair trial. Has he had one thus far? Hell no! How would you like the grand jury testimony to “leak” in your trial? Having the population of the world know their side of the story, and not yours? This is sick.

    It pains me that people choose the route of entertainment. The way in which this case has been twisted and turned disgusts me deeply. What disgusts me further more is that if Michael Jackson is proven innocent, the tabs, and the general population will still believe he is guilty. Guilt sells, innocence doesn’t.

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