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  3. Many thanks for the excellent documentation Mark. Without it I would have struggled to migrate the existing layout to 1.5. As it was the upgrade went without a hitch. Anyone contemplating an upgrade should have a copy to hand before starting.

    Thanks again!

  4. Sweet upgrade procedure – thanks for your efforts. I am completely new to this stuff and I worked through it without a problem …. umm, I was just a tiny bit confused at one point and left my config.php with the rest of the Carrots, but it all came clear in the end.

    Good work :o)

    Now all I have to do is work out how to change my old stlye to the new style *pops ibruprofen*

  5. Mark,

    omg. I just upgraded to 1.5 using your guide. That had to be the most painless upgrade of anything I’ve ever done. I kept staring at the result thinking, “Ok – something *has* to be wrong – that was just tooooo simple.” 😯 But nope, it was perfect. Mucho thanks to you and all your work. 🙂

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